Antony Duff

BA (Oxford), FRSE


(Philosophy of Law, Moral Philosophy, Theory of Action)

Antony Duff works mainly on the philosophy of criminal law - in particular on the philosophy of punishment, and on issues that connect philosophy of action with the basic principles of criminal liability. His books are Trials and Punishments (CUP, 1986); Intention, Agency and Criminal Liability (Blackwell, 1990); Criminal Attempts (OUP, 1996); and Punishment, Communication and Community (OUP 2000).He has also edited collections of readings on punishment, and edited and contributed to a collection of new essays on the general principles of criminal law (Philosophy and the Criminal Law: Principle and Critique, CUP 1998). His current project, 'Structures of Criminal Liability', which he is pursuing during during his tenure of a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship (2002-2005), is on the structure and content of the 'general part' of the criminal law. He is also involved in a three-year interdisciplinary project on the criminal trial, funded by the AHRB.

Room: A83, Pathfoot Building
phone: 01786 467556
fax: 01786 466233

Selected Publications

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Duff, R. A. 2003. ‘Probation, Punishment and Restorative Justice’, Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 42, 180-96.

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