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Most things I previously had for download on this page at Cardiff University , have now been migrated over to this website at Stirling

Excel calculator files


This MS Excel file can be a quick way to look at the total effects of polynomial functions - a typical application being assessing the effects of multiple regression coefficient estimates on a polynomial function of age (to use: change the 'beta' values, and graphs should update automatically), 4.9.04.


This MS Excel file can be used to calculate the confidence intervals associated with a proportion for a categorical variable distribution in a random sample. It just calculates the formula: CI = +/- z*(SE for a proportion), where SE = sqrt[p(1-p)/n] . To use: change the values for the proportion and for the sample size (4.10.04).


This MS Excel file can be used to calculate the Wald chi-square statistic and it's p-value on the basis of the 'quasi-variance' estimations which are produced using David Firth's online estimator. To use: insert the Quasi-variance estimations alongside the Beta-parameters for the relevant contrast you wish to make (Paul Lambert and Vernon Gayle, 20.6.06).


May 6-8th 2005, RC28 Conference, Oslo

"Leisurely moments or lifetimes? Contexts and the study of Leisure, Consumption and Stratification" - pdf file [draft version] for talk given to the session 'Consumption and Stratification', 19.8.04. (+ powerpoint slides).

August 16-20 2004, RC33 Conference, Amsterdam

"Ethnicity and the Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Survey Data" - pdf file for talk given to the session 'Cross-National Harmonisation of Socio-Demographic Variables', 19.8.04. (+ powerpoint slides).

May 7-9 2004, RC28 Conference, Neuchatel

Summary sheet (MW Word), and slides (MS PPT), for "Occupational Stratification Measures in Harmonised European Surveys"

August 22-24 2003, RC28 Conference, New York

Talk, summary sheet, and slides (MS Word), and talk (pdf), for "Stability, trended change or data artefacts: Pooling forth years of mobility studies in the UK"

July 3-5 2003, EPUNet Conference, Colchester

June 13 2003, ESRC Workshop Event History Analysis, St Andrews

Talk and files for "Constructing Data.."

This MS-Word file contains a talk prepared for a session "Constructing Data for Event Histories: data formats and introductory analyses", given to the above workshop. Also see this zip archive of SPSS syntax files and this archive of annonymised data extracts which are both referred to in the paper.

10 May 2003, ESRC Seminar Series: Occupational Careers, London School of Economics :

"Intra-generational mobility and social distance: Work history analysis and occupational structure"

This zip archive contains the slides used for the above presentation. It relates to work also described below in this page, re Mannheim 2001. We have done a bit more, incomplete, work on a longer paper though it's still a bit scrappy. However any interested readers are welcome to try contacting us for any later news on this.

April 10-13 2002, RC28, Oxford :

"Quantitative Representations of Ethnic Difference?"

From here (follow the 'Papers' link), you can access a pdf file containing a paper, "Quantitative Representations of Ethnic Difference?", to be given to the RC28 spring 2002 meeting at Oxford. The paper was put together in a bit of a hurry. It may well be that I revise it once or twice in the near future, in which case I'll post some updates here. Word docs related to this paper.

My thesis!
(Latest version March 2002, after ammendments) : zipped file with word documents containing my PhD thesis at 15.4.02. The thesis is ultimately a 'master document' which calls a number of subdocuments (the chapters), though, due to an complex technical hitch(!), only a couple of the shortest segments are actually recorded as subdocuments. Moreover, to access them - get this, & thanks, Microsoft! - you have to place them in a blank floppy disk under your A: drive, so that they have the file location A:/*.doc . What you have to do to open the full thesis is to unzip the archive contents to wherever you want them on your file spaces, and open the document paullambertthesismar02v11.doc. You then have to paste over the 3 files which constitute the subdocuments, namely 'chapter1.doc', 'appendix1.doc' and 'appendix3.doc', to a blank floppy. Next, with those files in the right locations and the floppy still active in your pc, you should be able to access the full set of chapters by clicking on 'print preview'. The full document should be 376 pages long, of which the main text pages are numbered 1 to 362 (generated from the masterdocument 'paullambertthesisapr02v14.doc' plus the three small subdocuments 'chapter1.doc', 'appendix1.doc' and 'appendix3.doc'). There is an additional appendix, '', which is a single page doc and needs to be printed out separately and attached to the back of the thesis. Finally, the file 'plambertammendslistapr02v1.doc' is a list of the corrections required from my viva plus page numbers of the changes on the revised text.

ESA 2001 and CEPS Report
(Ethnicity indexes, SOR models, etc)

July 2-4 2000 BHPS Users conference, Colchester

April 2001, RC28, Mannheim

BHPS Survey Link report

SPSS / STATA macros / common codes