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Social Network Conference 2009

Stirling Conference on Social Network Analysis

University of Stirling
Iris Murdoch Building
18th September 2009

We are happy to announce a social network analysis one-day conference on the 18th September at the University of Stirling. This conference aims to help develop social network analysis through offering an opportunity for early career researchers, including PhD students, to present their work to their peers as well as developing an opportunity for Scottish-based practitioners to meet and find others working in the field. It will be preceded by a social network analysis masterclass forming part of the Scottish Social Survey Network. It is anticipated the event will be attended by both practitioners using social network analysis within their research and those interested in understanding more about the potential of these methods. The initial call for papers can be downloaded from here as a Word file or a PDF.

10:00-10:30Registration and Coffee
10:30-11:10Roy Greenhalgh (University of Southampton) – Bridging Capital and Social Cohesion in an English Village Setting
11:10-11:50Daniela D’Andreta (University of Manchester) – Egocentric Networks in Deprived Urban Neighbourhoods: using SNA to map social cohesion and spatial fragmention
11:50-12:30Dave Griffiths (University of Stirling) – Analysing Multiple Types of Connections within a Network
13:30-14:10Nashrawan Taha, Andrew Cox, Steve Whittaker (University of Sheffield) – Using Triangulation Methods to enhance Social Network Data Collection in Formal Learning Communities
14:10-14:50Robert Young (MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit – Can the peer group protect against stress in young people?: A social network approach.
14:50-15:30Paul Lambert & Dave Griffiths (University of Stirling) - Social Networks and Occupational Structure

Scottish Social Survey Network
This conference was preceded on the 17th September by the SNA Masterclass as part of the Scottish Social Survey Network (http://www.longitudinal.stir.ac.uk/surveynetwork/). This event is also free to attend and can also be booked through Dave Griffiths david.griffiths@stir.ac.uk. Please refer to the above website for further details of that day.