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This is the webpage for Dave Griffiths, a Research Fellow in Sociology. I am based in the School of Applied Social Science at the University of Stirling.

My research interests are around various aspects of social advantage, particularly focused around ideas of social capital and social interactions. I support the ideas that social capital can be a form of recreating social inequalities. My research has looked at elites, power and privilege, as well as utilising the concepts of how people use their social networks to maintain their advantages to understanding more of how the less advantaged can be constrained by their available resources.

Methodologically my main interest lies in social network analysis (SNA). I have undertaken many studies in this area, have experience in all the major software packages and frequently attend network conferences (including presentations in the USA, Switzerland and Greece). I am also a skilled social survey researcher. I am particularly interested in ways of extracting SNA data from large-scale social surveys. I have been able to extract networks of connected occupations and also generate egonets from panel datasets which demonstrates SNA resources are, unintentionally, being collated by many survey compilers. I feel gathering network data from social surveys is an area in which a lot more can be done and am excited about the possibilities in this area.

Follow the rather oddly-coloured links at the top of this page to access further details of my research, projects I've worked on and my publication list. All my contact details are on my institutional home page. I can also be contacted through my social media links below.

My CV can be downloaded here. Links on my publications page will provide access to my papers, presentations and coauthors.

According to Google Scholar, I have a h-index of 2. Not sure it's the best way of evaluating reputation of academics, but I like statistics so it interests me.

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